About this blog



This blog serves as a chronological, non-hierarchical record of projects & workshops I’ve led in schools, galleries and other settings, with children and young people aged 2 – 19.  As an artist, facilitating workshops has become an integral part of my practice and a precious tool to evaluate my own processes an methodologies.

Each project is completely different. Some respond to very defined & directed instructions from schools. On other projects, there is less pressure to produce an outcome and more freedom to explore to my own interests & concerns, emphasising the process rather than the outcome.  Often time is a limitation (if they’re one off projects instead of residencies), whether working in schools, galleries or other settings.

However, I try to update all the work I do regardless of success or outcome measures, so in a way this is as true record of all the work. With all this in mind, please go on and have a wander.



A year of After School Club — Term 2

Spring term: After a term of careful drawing and observation we moved to a “freer” project. I read a few of Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities to the children and let them create their own. We started with a board each and they were allowed to use any materials found in the gallery. The only rule … Continue reading

A year of after school Art club…

It’s been a year since I started leading the After School Art Club at Gerald Moore Gallery. Here’s an overview of what we did during that year (3 terms) with KS1 students. The focus was on materials and experimentation, but also looking at the gallery’s exhibition programme. During the Autumn term we started with an … Continue reading

Pop Art Portraits

Carrying on from the previous post… This is the other activity that worked really well. Portraits inspired by Pop Art (Andy Warhol mostly). We used styrofoam plates & bright colours. The children (year 5-7) traced over an A4 picture and transferred it to the plate. We then printed one in bright yellow and another in … Continue reading

Pop Art Projects

During the last few weeks of the summer term, a lot of schools make time for “Art week” or “Art festivals”. This year during June I delivered Pop Art projects for at least 3 different schools… My favourite is the “food boards”. Based on Warhol’s & Claes Oldenburg’s work, I encourage children to draw everyday … Continue reading

Art Week at Nightingale

Like last year, I worked with all age groups at Nightingale Primary as part of their Art Week/Book Week. Each year did something completely different. Year 3 did shadow puppets based on the Lion King. Year 2 did masks based on Wanda’s Surprise and Year 4 made lion masks (Lion King again). Year 5 made … Continue reading

Drawing, text & collage

Workshop with year 6 children at St Francis de Sales school. The children were encouraged to create new images using collage techniques. They then added text and traced over it, to create a completely new drawing.